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Tuesday, 17 September 2019
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2 practical SALTO Inclusion Publications UPDATED - New SALTO Inclusion website navigation
Написал Dmitry Savelau   
Sunday, 20 April 2008

Dear Inclusion worker,

"Valorisation" (nowadays called 'Dissemination & Exploitation of Project Results') is at the heart of the SALTO Inclusion work: we try to reach as much impact as possible with the limited resources we have (as we also described in the Making Waves booklet).

And at the same time we (hopefully) improved the navigation through the SALTO Inclusion resources on our website, so that it becomes more easy for you to find what you are looking for. (read more below)

- - - - -

Updated & Reprinted: No Barriers No Borders + Over The Rainbow

No Borders No Barriers is a booklet about how to set up 'mixed-ability projects' = projects involving young people with and without a disability, to create a meaningful enriching experience for all. We updated the booklet to the Youth in Action programme and added more links and resources. It is now possible to get paper copies again - as the booklet was out of stock very soon after its production. And of course you can still download it as well !

Over the Rainbow is also back again. This booklet is a practical manual for youth workers doing international projects with LGBT youth. It now also has updated information about Youth in Action and funding, as well as a variety of tips and tricks. If you prefer a paper booklet - that's possible again, as well as downloading it in PDF as usual.

This brings our SALTO Inclusion for ALL collection to a total of 8 practical youth work booklets!

  1. Making Waves NEW = creating more impact with your youth projects (about visibility & valorisation)
  2. Going International = going abroad with young people with fewer opportunities a first time
  3. Use Your Hands to Move Ahead = how to adapt short term EVS to the needs of socio-economic disadvantaged youngsters
  4. Fit for Life = how to use sports and outdoor activities as an attractive tool for inclusion work

Target Group Approach: Setting up international projects with & for:

  1. young (ex)offenders and those in prison/institutions = No Offencebooklet NEW
  2. rural and geographically isolated youth = Village International NEW
  3. LesBiGay youth and those questioning their sexuality = Over the Rainbow UPDATED
  4. young people with and without a disability = No Barriers No Borders UPDATED

And more practical youth work publications coming up:

  • We are finalising 'Youth and the City' = a booklet about doing meaningful projects with young people from disadvantaged urban areas > Foreseen arrival June 08
  • We are now starting the updating and reprinting of the very popular 'ID Booklet' = about how to make your youth work and youth projects more inclusive and reach diverse target groups > Foreseen arrival June 08

> You can download or request them all from

- - - - -

New Inclusion Navigation Structure

There are many many resources for your youth and inclusion work on the SALTO Inclusion pages:

To make all this more transparent and accessible, we have added sub-categories in the dropdown list, when you hover 'Inclusion' on the site. This makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

- - - - -

Enjoy the reading!

Tony Geudens & Ann Hendriks
SALTO Inclusion Ressource Centre

  • Did you know you can also send us YOUR inclusion news and requests to be published in the SALTO Inclusion newsletter? Send it to Этот адрес e-mail защищен от спам-ботов. Чтобы увидеть его, у Вас должен быть включен Java-Script

- - - - -

NEW SALTO Inclusion Publications Available on eBay!

Maybe you you ordered some SALTO Inclusion for ALL! booklets from in the past (free of charge) - I hope we could provide you with all the booklets you requested. These practical youth worker publications should be available for ALL!, however they ran out so quickly that we could not send copies to ALL that requested them ;-(

But we have found an innovative solution (moving on with time & technology ;-) We set up a SALTOinclusion eBay-Store, where we now sell our SALTO Inclusion publications (for only 6€/booklet). With these contributions we can reprint the booklets that are out of stock - and make them available for ALL!

NEW SALTO BOOKLETS ONLINE - Be the first to get them!

  • "Making Waves" - a booklet helping you to have more impact with your youth projects (increasing visibility, dissemination and exploitation of your project results, formerly called Valorisation) - a must if you are serious about generating change and impact with your youth projects!
  • "No Offence" - guiding you through projects with young (ex-)offenders and those in prisons - why not use the Youth in Action programme with young people that are in need of some alternative opportunities in their lives!
  • "Village International" - tips and tricks for setting up youth projects in rural and geographically isolated areas - who says that never anything happens in your village - you can use international projects to create opportunities for rural youth!

These and more can be ordered from the a SALTOinclusion eBay-Store or downloaded in electronic format. We also have still available:

  • "Going International - Opportunities for ALL" - lots of tips and tricks and a guide for going abroad with your 'tough kids' for a first time
  • "Use Your Hands to Move Ahead" - adapting short term EVS to the special needs of young people with fewer opportunities to use it in their personal pathways to a better life
  • "Fit for Life" - using sports and outdoor as an attractive method to reach and work with disengaged and demotivated young people

Can we ask you to spread the word about the possibility to order paper copies of these booklets to your colleagues and contacts? The more people order booklets, the sooner we can reprint. Currently we are reworking:

  • "No Barriers, No Borders" - about setting up international mixed-ability projects with young people with and without a disability
  • "Over the Rainbow" - international projects to work with lesbigay youth or with sensitive topics such as se xuality and identity
  • and in a next phase: "ID-booklet" - methods for Inclusion & Diversity - how to make your youth work more inclusive and reach diverse target groups

- - - - -

If you have any information for the SALTO Inclusion newsletter, feel free to send it to us.

Inclusive SALTO Greetings

Tony Geudens & Ann Hendriks
Этот адрес e-mail защищен от спам-ботов. Чтобы увидеть его, у Вас должен быть включен Java-Script
SALTO Inclusion Resource Centre

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