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Thursday, 19 September 2019
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NEW SALTO Inclusion Publications Available on eBay
Написал Dmitry Savelau   
Wednesday, 05 March 2008

NEW SALTO Inclusion Publications Available on eBay!

Maybe you you ordered some SALTO Inclusion for ALL! booklets from in the past (free of charge) - I hope we could provide you with all the booklets you requested. These practical youth worker publications should be available for ALL!, however they ran out so quickly that we could not send copies to ALL that requested them ;-(

But we have found an innovative solution (moving on with time & technology ;-) We set up a SALTOinclusion eBay-Store, where we now sell our SALTO Inclusion publications (for only 6€/booklet). With these contributions we can reprint the booklets that are out of stock - and make them available for ALL!

NEW SALTO BOOKLETS ONLINE - Be the first to get them!

  • "Making Waves" - a booklet helping you to have more impact with your youth projects (increasing visibility, dissemination and exploitation of your project results, formerly called Valorisation) - a must if you are serious about generating change and impact with your youth projects!
  • "No Offence" - guiding you through projects with young (ex-)offenders and those in prisons - why not use the Youth in Action programme with young people that are in need of some alternative opportunities in their lives!
  • "Village International" - tips and tricks for setting up youth projects in rural and geographically isolated areas - who says that never anything happens in your village - you can use international projects to create opportunities for rural youth!

These and more can be ordered from the a SALTOinclusion eBay-Store or downloaded in electronic format.

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